In Summary
  • Inflammation of the testis itself, called orchitis, can cause painful ejaculation.
  • Beyond the infection, I realised that the couple had relationship issues that needed attention.
  • At the same time he got close to the housemaid and started confiding in her. He ended up having sex with the housemaid.

Betty and Andrew were having one of the worst of their 22 years of marriage. The tension between them was palpable when they walked into my consultation room. The problem was that Andrew had screamed so loudly while having sex that everyone in the house was woken up and rushed to the couple’s bedroom to find out what was going on.

“If I had not locked the bedroom door our children would have found us in a very compromising situation!” Betty lamented, shaking with emotion. “In fact two of our neighbours immediately called us on our mobile phones to ask if we had been attacked by robbers!”


The couple was very embarrassed and unable to explain what had happened to their teenage children and neighbours. “I have never heard anything like that!” Betty lamented. “I always thought that only women vocalise during sex.”

Andrew was quiet as Betty expressed her concerns. I explained that all animals make some form of noise during sex and it is not necessarily a female thing. I turned to Andrew and asked him to say something. Sexual issues can be embarrassing and many times a hurting person remains mum to avoid extending the embarrassment.

“Well, I had excruciating pain on ejaculation,” he said avoiding eye contact. “It was like someone slicing my testicles with a razor blade.”

Wow! So Andrew had a painful ejaculation. This is a symptom that is brought about by a number of disease conditions.
“Do not tell me that Andrew has a sexually transmitted disease and he has infected me!” Betty immediately interrupted.

I requested her to allow me time to explain. Painful ejaculation can be due to inflammation of the urethra – the pipe in the penis where urine and ejaculate passes – or other tubes that carry semen and sperms from the testis to the penis. Also, inflammation of the testis itself, called orchitis, can cause painful ejaculation. Part of the semen also comes from the prostate gland and problems of the prostate can similarly lead to pain.
Inflammation can also be due to sexually transmitted diseases.

“That is what I mean!” exclaimed Betty, “Don’t tell me I am infected! I have always suspected that Andrew has another woman.”

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