Fatma, Jo and Mariam, all now sitting in a semi-circle in their camping chairs and happily munching on their breakfast, pause to stare at me – Jo even leaves her fork suspended halfway between her mouth and her plate as she stares at me in wonder.

“I have never seen you like this though,” she finally gasps. “Oh my goodness, you look like a warmed-over zombie!” They all start laughing again as I take my seat gingerly.

“Those eyes are pure, unadulterated bloodshot,” Mariam guffaws.

“Ha. Ha. Ha,” I say drily. “One day all of you people will be in my shoes and I will laugh and point fingers and I will not ease up,” I say to them. “So exactly what happened last night?”

“Well, besides you telling us about Chris breaking up with you and all your drama with Frank the Factory Guy?” Jo says those last two words as if they are proper nouns. “You also ran over to the large group of guys camping next door and mooned them with your behind because they were making so much noise.”

“WHAT?!” I yelp and stand up, mortified, while the girls roll around in fits of laughter.

“I’m joking,” Jo says as she wipes tears from her eyes. “You just got really candid about your life,” she says gently.

“Yea, I am so sorry I was so hard on you,” Mariam says as she leans over in my direction and gives my knee an affectionate pat.

“Heh, we even hugged out all the tension amongst us,” Fatma adds. “I don’t know if I have ever told you girls this, but I love you all so, so much. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have you lot to support me.”

“Aww,” Mariam gushes, standing up to reach her arms out, and I watch with eyes wide open as Fatma steps into them and is enveloped in Mariam’s warm bosom.

“Someone tell me exactly what happened last night!” I say loudly. And then I sit back and wait for the resolution.

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