This is not all this young man’s win taught me. It also taught me that sometimes it pays to start big, to dream big, I mean, it would have made more sense to set his eyes on the ward rep seat to begin with, for example.


But no, he dared to go for the bigger job and got it. However, it would be worth pointing out that he only got it because he understood the needs of his target audience.

His inspiring win also taught me that you don’t necessarily have to have lots of money to accomplish what you aspire for.

He started with what he had – a convincing agenda that the people could identify with and a will to do the hard work – walking from door-to-door and actually looking a prospective voter in the eye, thus opening yourself up for scrutiny takes guts.

His story also taught me that there are many ways to achieve the same result and that the tried and tested way isn’t always the winning way. Oh, and that a bold attitude will take you places.

I cannot wait to see how this young man performs once in office.


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Talking about “storing food” just in case,” I don’t know if it's being paranoid, taking precaution or better safe than sorry. I am a positive believer and I have been praying for peace. So far I’ve been feeling “normal” but today, I see myself “succumbing to stocking food policy.” I will just force myself to go buy some “non~perishable food.”I don’t wan’t to be the only visitor in Jerusalem!


You are certainly not alone as far as what you highlighted in last week’s article. We as Kenyans claim to be a God fearing nation but this is contradicted by our actions. We believe more in politicians than the word of God. My prayer is that Kenyan’s will come to appreciate that at the end of the day it is not about blind tribal support but who can deliver the best as far as leadership is concerned. Keep up the good work.


You hit the nail on the head. We should exercise our affairs humanely, knowing we have a life to live. Love your neighbour as you love yourself.


Well said let’s hope for a peaceful co-existence during this election period. Kenya will always be there.


You nailed it today. There is a growing multitude of like minded Kenyans  and it will be well. Today’s marriage ban was between a guy from Nyanza and the lady is from Central -the priest asked does anyone have any impediment to this ? The congregation laughed clearly wishing them God’s blessings.



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