Accurate descriptions

While giving a description of the listing, it is important to create a context that will make people want to use your home. “It is possible to undersell property by giving insufficient information about it thus losing clients’ interest,” notes the real estate director. “On the other hand, it is possible to oversell one’s home by exaggerating its details. This may lead to guests being disappointed upon arrival, which in turn could lead to a negative review.” The description of the home should be concise and valid.



When it comes to listing homes and residential spaces online, pricing matters a lot. Reasonable prices increase the chances of getting guests faster. While factors such as location and amenities influence the price of the home, it is advisable to set a fair price.

“The house should be in line with the market range. One can consult a real estate agent to advise on pricing if they are not sure. One can also do a comparison of prices within the neighbourhood to get an idea of a price range to settle on,” advises Mr Morjaria.


Get positive reviews

Anyone listing their homes for rent must realise that reviews are important to staying in the business. “Losing one’s reputation as a landlord or host of a home listed online is very easy. Once a bad review is associated with your home, it becomes very difficult to get clients interested in it. At the same time, having a good review encourages those searching to approach you if in need of a home,” notes Mr Morjaria. Handle clients respectfully and cordially, he adds.


Adhere to any legal requirements

It is one’s responsibility to inquire on any legal processes required of them before listing their homes online. The title deeds of the home should be in order. “The homeowner must ensure that any income that comes from the house is in adherence with the taxing procedures of the Kenya Revenue Authority so that they do not land in trouble over tax fraud,” advises Mr Morjaria.

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