In Summary
  • The Lit360 show was launched on NTV on Thursday.
  • The music show not only focuses on music but also covers fashion, lit events, and cool places that are best eat-out spots, among other things.

The Lit360 show is literally the melting pot of awesomeness says Mariam Bishar, one of the hosts of the show that was launched on NTV on Thursday.

The music show not only focuses on music but also covers fashion, lit events, and cool places that are best eat-out spots, among other things.

The Bachelors of Economics student started her television journey at 19, and has been involved in different television productions.

“This show is exactly what we needed on Kenyan television because we need to understand what is happening to our music industry.; have conversations with people who we did not listen to before because they were given no airplay,” says Ms Mariam.

“I am excited for the artistes and also to be part of this incredible journey, being able to meet amazing talents and seeing them create their art in their natural space.”


Cate Rira auditioned to be host for the show after being informed by her close friend of the opportunity.

“I went and auditioned and as they say the rest is history and here I am,” says Catherine.

She defines herself as an over the top loud person, one whose presence is immediately noticed when she goes to public events.

“My persona is just loud. I am also very passionate about the film and music industry, that is why I’m super excited about being one of the host of this amazing show.”

Cate is actually a Law graduate but says she always had a dream of being in media, in the background or at the front.

“I think lawyers and journalist are not very different because we express ourselves publicly, whether it is in defending a case or doing an exposé. That’s why I am very comfortable.”

So what is lit for her about Kenya? Mostly the party life, “Most Kenyans have energy in abundance to party. We always look for an excuse to party and we are also going to bring in a little bit of a party on Lit360.”

For Shiko, also a host for the show, the most exciting thing about her job is the traveling and having new experiences.

She recalls of eating a local delicacy for the first time at a restaurant and really enjoying herself.

“I remember going to this restaurant and having matumbo, which I know a lot of people do not know about, and it was one of my best experiences. It very was delicious,” says Shiko.

The Journalism student at USIU describes herself as a quirky person. She talks a lot but can also be very quiet, depending on who she is at that particular day. She is also confident and intellectual.


“I have always been someone who focuses on creativity and art; that has always been my goal. I always knew one day I would venture into something to do with entertainment. If not that then maybe I’d be a painter or a writer. I was not sure that I wanted to be famous but I knew I wanted to express myself,” says Shiko.

She’s also excited to be part of the LIT360 team because there has never been a show like it in Kenya. It is a music show and lifestyle combined. The hosts go through everything and anything that is lit for their generation.

“Musicians, despite the fact that they are celebrities, are also human beings. I love the fact that we get to talk to them about other things that they are usually never asked. We talk about what their favourite food is, what they like and what they do not like in life, and we have a good time. We look at them beyond their being a celebrity,” says Shiko.

She adds: “The show is here to connect different creatives to things that will increase their exposure in regards to their individual talents. Whether you are a singer actor, chef, and dancer. We are going to connect you to music, places that you did not know about, and so much more because this is literally the show.”