In the midst of her struggles, Beryl met a music producer, Omae Lion, who would help her record her  “Mafisi”. The song became famous, garnering thousands of views on YouTube within the first three weeks of September 2016.

Soon after recording “Mafisi”, Beryl got inspiration write another song that would later become her signature: “Slowly”, featuring Matonya.

“When I wrote “Slowly”, my intention was to appreciate the men in my lives. But before I could shoot a video for the song, I sent it TV host, Willy M Tuva to ask for his views. Coincidentally,

Matonya was in the studio and he happened to listen to the song. Later he called me and asked for a collabo,” Beryl says.


Beryl, who says that she now pays all her bills with music, has a lot of local musicians she looks up to.

Beryl during the shooting of "Mafisi". PHOTO| COURTESY

“My favourite Kenyan musician is Sanaipei Tande because of her writing skills and her relaxed vocals. I also love Yemi Alade’s style of music. I would love to do a collabo with her someday,” Beryl says.

Beryl’s biggest singing platform so far was the 2017 Miss Tourism Kenya event held in Vihiga County. She charges Sh35,000 or more per event. She hopes to become famous and influence millions of Africans with her music.

As an artist who overcame sexual harassment in the music scene to be where she is, Beryl tells upcoming female artists to uphold their dignity in their struggles until they make it into the music industry.

“For ladies who just joined music as a career, keep your dignity however much it will take you to break through,” she says.

Beryl offers vocal coaching freely, mainly to friends and people with interest in music as a way if giving back.


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