He also needs a bit of peace and quiet from time to time. So if he says he’s not thinking about anything, it’s probably true!

And lay off the shouting. Men hate being shouted at. He wants to be listened to without being criticised or given advice. Men hate being told what to do — remember all those times when he’s been lost and won’t admit it?

He wants you to be happy if he buys you flowers. He likes the idea of you getting drunk once in a while, so long as you don’t start picking fights with him. And he wants you to really like sex!

To want him. And for you to be completely straight about it. Never ever to fake anything. And above all, no unkind remarks about his manhood.

He wants you to act out every sexual cliché in the book. Like going out with him commando. And eating breakfast wearing one of his shirts, and nothing else.


He wants a long weekend away that’s all about sex. He’s longing to see you naked in the moonlight. To be shown exactly what you need.

For you to take the initiative from time to time. And to be touched unexpectedly. Like a kiss on his ear while he’s reading. Or a slap on his rear while he’s cleaning his teeth. He needs to know you fancy him!

So try throwing a few of your inhibitions out of the window and going along with some of his ideas occasionally. You never know, you might discover something wonderful for both of you!


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