In Summary
  • Rosebella’s music has opened doors for her and she now also earns money through events, selling products, endorsements and royalties.

Growing up in Nakuru, Rosebella Oruko listened to her father play music in an old cassette player, sing in the choir and strum the base guitar.

This was Rosebella’s introduction to music at a tender age. 

The 29-year-old Nakuru-based banker, who goes by the stage name Bella Beila, says her love for music pushes her to compose and record songs that have made her one of the well-known female musicians in Nakuru.

“Most of the songs in my album are based on relationships and my opinions about them.

“In the society I grew up in, we were not allowed to express ourselves freely about love, sex and relationships,” she says.

She says music allows her to express herself freely.

Rosebella first ventured into music in 2009 when she and her two friends formed a group called Codelink.

“We parted ways after two years as we were still in school,” she says.


In 2014, she signed up with a producer in Nakuru that she still works with.

“The first song I did was ‘I got this game’, which I wrote,” Rosebella says.

He album “HIS (How I See)” comprises 17 songs, some of which were done in collaboration with other artistes.

Her music falls under electro-R&B and Afro-pop genres.

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