Well, I can’t sing that well, but I’m taking vocal classes.


You are in a band, too

Yes, it’s called TNK, for Tim, Njora and Kendi.


What are you auditioning for next?

I have personal projects I’m pursuing. Last month on Valentine’s Day, on my social media pages, I asked, “who would like to hear a love poem”, since I didn’t have a valentine. Nine women affirmed, and I went around Nairobi reciting poems for them. I also have a theatre project called “This is My Protest” that I pray I’m able to do. It’s like exhibition theatre. Come April, you’ll also see me in Sense8 season two.


How did you land that?

I auditioned. Nini Wacera was the casting agent.


Do you think it’s luck; getting roles in big productions?

Yes, and I’m really fortunate because I’m surrounded by very talented people. The Village Musicals are the reason I got Briefcase Inc. I’ve been doing spoken word for 10 years. I’m a performing artiste, that’s my hustle.


You use your bicycle to get around; do you cycle everywhere?

Not everywhere, but I do it because it’s cheap.


Which is better, Nigerian or Kenyan film industry?

There are two sides to the Nigerian industry, the “Oga-ooo” side and the other with very good films. But they are way ahead of us, they have figured out the business. Even in Kenya, we have two sides; films like Kati Kati and the other side of River Road which has its own market.


Note, there are some good films from River Road.But this is the issue I have with entertainment writers; I was recently at an interview and I asked a simple question about spoken word and someone replied: “I’m not interested”, and that’s an entertainment writer saying that. I’ll understand it if you’re not interested, but can you speak on the topic? Entertainment writers have been burdened to tell our story, just like we the artistes are burdened to tell society’s story. It’s a gift that comes with responsibility.


How did you feel when you were nominated for a best supporting role, instead of the best actor?

I was offended, but I didn’t dwell on it too much. It goes back to, how does this affect my grind? I could either boycott the awards or go to Lagos and have the time of my life and tell people to watch our film. Also don’t forget, they had Kati Kati in the East Africa category instead of Africa since we had won a TIFF award already. Eventually, East Africa will take over.


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