In Summary
  • Procrastinating to sign up for a retirement policy means pulling money away from the hands of your retired 55-year-old self.
  • You need a new job but you push forward circulating your CV to prospective employers; you are denying yourself a bigger salary.

Allow me to reintroduce myself: My name is Bett, and I am a serial procrastinator. (This is the part where you all say in unison, “Hey, Bett.”)

I am embarrassed to confess that I start tasks then take lengthy unnecessary breaks before completing them. It has become a terrible habit. I procrastinate mundane and not-so-mundane tasks.

Months ago, I promised my mum-in-law a new duvet and a set of bed sheets. (This is what daughters-in-law do. Ahem.)

I got her the bed sheets then stalled because the duvet needs to be made-to-order in some dull store on Biashara Street.

I prefer these ones because they are stuffed with high-quality felt, not cotton. Mum-in-law deserves the best.

I procrastinate my morning runs, never mind that I got a sexy running watch from Amazon to monitor my stats. The excuses at 5am are spectacularly endless.

I have also been meaning to master photography: how to shoot with the manual lenses on my Olympus camera.


I wanted Ankara dresses tailored. I dropped the fabric at my fundi, Otile, back in March.

I took so long to get measured and send designs that I eventually lost all urgency. Otile sits with his sewing machine in Kibera – the thought of taking the trip gives me a migraine.

Then there are the not-so-mundane tasks. My passport expired a year ago. I procrastinated reapplying for a new one, and later missed a work trip to Cape Town.

The client said they wanted “someone with a ready passport.” that is, someone who takes themselves seriously.

I run a couple of side hustles and I am the head of finance. One of my duties is to invoice our clients. Invoicing is such boring work, goodness.

I first have to draft the invoice in our template then key in quantities and unit cost and sum them up; then check the invoice for accuracy and completeness then send it to the client.


There never seems to be a good time to prepare invoices. Mornings are prime writing time; Thursdays are great for big screen movies; Saturdays for Toi Market. What day and time is best for invoicing?

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