Ngunjiri Wambugu,
MP, Nyeri Town Constituency

1. Describe yourself in three non-political words.

True to Self.

2. What is one of the crucial things you've put in your bucket list?

To lecture at a university.

Ngunjiri Wambugu,  MP, Nyeri Town Constituency. PHOTO| COURTESY

Ngunjiri Wambugu, MP, Nyeri Town Constituency. PHOTO| COURTESY

3. What or who do you admire the most and why?

David in the Bible. He’s a combination of how fallible man can succeed by the grace of a righteous God.

4. If you could be an animal, what would it be and why?

Lion. He’s not the strongest animal, or the fastest, or the smartest, or the biggest, but he holds his own and matches to his own drum beat. I am like that.

5. What would you do with your 15 minutes of fame?

Refocus people’s attention on important things, especially change the narrative that politics is a bad thing.

We need to get past the believe that politics is a dirty game, elect leaders of integrity, and that way, we will clean up our governance system.

6. What is your biggest addiction?

Books. I can’t pass a bookshop or bookstall. I read any kind of book. And I read … everywhere.

7. On a scale of 1-10 how cool are you?

 5 *wink*

8. Favourite music?

Old school R & B.

9. What was the last movie you watched or book you read?

Movie; Captain Marvel with the family.

Book; Leaders General Stanley McChrystal

10. What is your best childhood memory … and your worst?

Best; making it to Nyeri High School.

Worst; I was scared of planes.

11. What's your greatest achievement?

 My family.


12. What is that one thing we don't know about you?

I had to learn how to live with ADHD (Attention Deficient / Hyperactive Disorder)

Abdullswamad Shariff Nassir
MP, Mvita Constituency

1. How would you describe yourself with three non-political words?

Down to earth.

2. You recently embarked on a weight loss and fitness programme … Share your journey.

 I weighed a staggering 130kg and honestly, it was getting a bit scary. The extra kilos made me look too old and twice, my wife was referred to as my daughter!

Abdullswamad Shariff Nassir, MP, Mvita Constituency. PHOTO| COURTESY

Abdullswamad Shariff Nassir, MP, Mvita Constituency. PHOTO| COURTESY

I remember once I wanted to go skydiving but could not, which was my turning point.

I'm grateful though it didn't get to the doctor asking me to lose weight due to health problems.

I currently oscillate between 84kg — 87kg and my waistline has dropped from 44 inches to 34 inches with a well sculptured body. Now they refer to my daughter as my younger sister! *laughs*

3. Tell me about your health regimen

I hit the gym about five to six times a week. Working out has become like a lifestyle to me, and I actually feel uncomfortable if I do not exercise.

I have also embraced a healthy diet, which I did before I started training.

The human body responds to exercise unless there's something you are doing wrong. Take a day at a time.

4. What advice would you give to someone who is obese?

Identify what kind of eater you are. Do you eat to satisfy yourself or perhaps to post what you are eating on social media?

Or do you eat because food is available? You can enjoy your cakes and pizza but know your limitation.

You could also learn to do healthy substitutes, like sugar for honey.

5. What's that one thing we do not know about you?

My life is an open book. I am that guy who will take an Uber to and from the gym, especially when I'm in Nairobi.

I also prefer to drive myself when I can and walk around freely without security detail as I have no enemies. My people love me.

6. What drives you?

I always strive to be better than I was yesterday.

7. You have a great fashion sense. How do you pull that off?

It's all about how you wear and how you blend your colours, and be confident. It's about how your body compliments what you are wearing.

I don't believe in wearing expensive clothes, and yes, there is nothing wrong with designer clothes, but to me it's about looking good. You don't necessarily have to wear expensive cologne, you could even rub a lemon on your armpits … and voila!

8. What is your greatest achievement?

I'm not there yet. I want to empower anyone who crosses my path so they are able to uplift themselves and eventually empower others.

I meet people who tell me something that my late dad did for them, and it's so humbling. I desire to reach to such a level.

9. What would you do differently if you were in your 20s?

I'd have been healthier.

10. Favourite meal?

Give me grilled sea food and veggies any day!

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