I have, however, read and written enough about weight to understand that there are no shortcuts if you’re looking for permanent weight loss, therefore I wasn’t drawn in by the SMS.

But I was curious, so I clicked on the link. Turned out that the remedy is a Sh299 manual listing “spices, herbs, plants and liquids you can mix right in your own kitchen”.

The mixture, the write up claimed, can burn belly fat, increase metabolism, stabilise blood sugar levels, balance your fat hormones, boost your thyroid, get rid of small tumours and decaying cells in your body, “and generally loose (their spelling, not mine) up to five kilos in a month”.

Oh well, so much for losing 20 kilos in a month.

Allow me to offer my unsolicited advice — no matter how good the offer sounds, resist the temptation to spend.


There’s something about Christmas that prods us to spend thoughtlessly, maybe it is the cheesy adverts, or the sparkling lights and cheery beats played in supermarkets and malls this time of year; whatever it is, resist it.

I especially suggest that you avoid the food samples food manufacturers offer in supermarkets because they are what encourage impulse buying.

Take it from me, this is not the time to develop a taste for cheese; if you don’t take it, resist it because it will only leave you poorer.

The same goes for the many discount offers on clothes, because chances are that they are not discounted, in spite of what they claim.

Resist, ladies and gentlemen, you will thank me in January 2020.

The writer is the Editor, Society and Magazines, Daily Nation; cnjunge@ke.nationmedia.com

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