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  • STL bashed the Norwegian media for blowing the issue out of proportion.
  • This has been the worst year of my life, she said.

Kenyan-Norwegian based singer STL (Stella Mwangi), was acquitted of drunk-driving charges that led to an accident.

ShowBuzz reported the story last week. However, STL’s lawyer, Silje Steenvaag, gave a strong defence at the court in Oslo punching holes in to the prosecution’s evidence leading to the her acquittal.

“This has been the worst year of my life. I cannot describe the powerlessness I have felt, so when I received the verdict today it was immense relief. I’m just incredibly very happy,” STL was quoted by Norwegian blog, Dagbladet. STL bashed the Norwegian media for blowing the issue out of proportion.

I’m still Prezzo’s Girl - Lulu

CMB Prezzo’s girlfriend, Tanzanian singer and socialite Amber Lulu, has downplayed rumours that she aborted a pregnancy she conceived with the rapper.

In an interview with a Tanzanian blog, Amber Lulu was asked whether it was true she had an abortion and in response she said, “I don’t want to talk about that and neither would I want you to publish it.”

Amber Lulu, who was recently all over the news after a video leaked showing her getting cosy with musician Nuh Mziwanda, also maintained that she is still very much together with Prezzo even after the incident.

Amber said she apologised to Prezzo for the video, saying it leaked accidentally, and he forgave her.


#FormNiDiva concert ready

Top Kenyan acts rapper Fena Gitu, benga-Jazz fused Hulda Serro, songbird Suzziah, Gravitti Reggae band and Juliani will today headline the “Form Ni Diva” music concert by the #FormNiGani initiative at Alliance Francaise.

The concert which aims to promote local talent as well as champion for family values, will start from 2 pm. Also performing will be Wen, Zikki, as well as poets, Spontaneous the Poet, Qui Qarre and Teardrops.

This will be the second concert organised by #FormNiGani initiative in its campaign to create awareness and encourage Kenyans to hold free and open conversations regarding family planning among other social issues. The concert is especially targeted to sensitise women.

According to Fena, it will not just be a concert, a very interactive one, “Apart from the music, we will have important conversations about the role and impact of Family Planning.”

The sentiments were echoed by the founder of the initiative, Juliani. “We hope to empower and encourage Kenyans to know more about how family planning affects their future. We worked on a song with Suzziah which we will be performing for the first time.”

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