In Summary
  • Ask your partner if he has tried to get the money from other lending channels such as his bank.
  • According to author and marketing consultant Jacqueline Curtis, chances are that your partner may already be in deep debt and doesn’t qualify for a bank, sacco or chama loan.

At some point in your relationship, your partner will fall seriously broke and ask you for a loan. Should you give him the money rather than lend it? Should you ask for interest? Should you have a written agreement stipulating the terms and conditions of the ‘loan’? And if he doesn’t pay you back, can you write it off or should you demand it back? Let’s take a look. 

Financial responsibility: 

Before you part with any amount, evaluate how financially responsible your partner is. How does he use his money? If he is not financially responsible, you may choose not to lend it to him. “If he is not financially responsible, chances are that he’ll waste the money or won’t be able to pay it back,” says Moses Mukua, a personal finance coach.

Reason for borrowing: 

Establish whether your partner has a valid and urgent need that requires a loan. This should help you decide whether to lend it to him or not. “Does he need a soft loan to gamble, take a vacation or even invest in projects that never break even?” poses Mukua. If you don’t feel comfortable with his reason for borrowing, do not hesitate to turn him down.

Other borrowing avenues: 

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