In Summary
  • Now for the good news. There are neck creams. Creams designed for your neck.
  • The best part, you really don’t need to buy them. For now. Simply extend skin care to the neck.
  • Cleanse, tone, moisturise, apply an anti ageing or moisturising serum, night or day cream and most importantly, sunscreen, without overlooking the neck.

You realise you have a neck, right? Who remembers this when all you care about is the skin on your face, arms and legs?

In fact, even though a lot of skin products you buy will tell you to use on the face and neck, you probably skim right past that and stick to the face.

Yet when you buy an anti-ageing or moisturising serum they need you to pay attention to the space in between strong shoulders and smart head.

Professional facials and aestheticians always treat the decolletage when you go in for a session, working not just on your face, but your chest and neck with the very same products.

We know what ideal facial skin looks like. There is this visual a woman aspires to.

Frankly, there is no point describing it. We know it when we see it and want to have it. But the neck. It is rare to look at a woman and marvel at the smooth, even tint of her neck.

Not unless she is built like a baby giraffe with a neck like Iman and whatever historians presume Cleopatra’s neck must have looked like.

Who looks at their grandma and thinks, “Oh grandma, what lovely loose skin you have on your wattle!’ This is a wonderful thing because it means we see aging holistically instead of in parts.

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