You will face the pain of not having money. It will mean cutting back for a while on personal expenditure and keeping business expenses to the minimum required to generate money. It’s really about the courage to have patience and not rushing to impress anybody. You will find freedom in realising that you don’t die because you had to let go of certain things.  Because of this and the other things, you may find yourself lonely.  Maybe the people you socialise with can’t quite relate to what you are going through. Or family members who don’t understand why you are leaving your job. Their concerns may incorporate some things you need to consider but you will have to draw boundaries between their opinion and what you will decide to do. 

So why do we still do it? Because on the flipside, you also experience the fulfillment that comes from stretching yourself beyond what you thought you could accomplish.

The growth of confidence when you keep putting one foot in front of the other and the seed that you planted starts growing and bearing fruit. Acknowledging you are overcoming fear because what scared you last year doesn’t scare you anymore. The impact that you see as you become a solution for your customers and in time if you are willing to put the work in the financial benefits. Like many things we go through in life, it is an experience that is out to change you.

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