In Summary
  • She began shouting that she had lost her phone on the side of the street and she wanted me to assist her in looking for her missing phone.
  • We were opposite View Park Towers then. A voice inside told me to look behind, and when I did, I saw the bodyguard man charging at me.
  • I immediately took off running towards the roundabout, luckily I had seen him with some distance between us.
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This is the story of how a young man escaped a kidnapper's trap as told to Thomas Rajula.

I went through a terrifying incident today on October 5, 2017 that I believe needs to get published but after consulting my folks, my Identity needs to be protected.

As I was walking to my Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at St Andrews PCEA Church, Nyerere Road, I was nearly abducted. The time was 12.15pm.

I was walking along Uhuru Highway on the stretch between GPO and University Way heading towards the Uhuru Highway/University Way roundabout.

A black car pulled up beside me, we were opposite the terraced Ethiopian restaurant by the highway.


A very tall and big man, who looked to me like a bodyguard or bouncer, got out of the car.

I thought that it was odd that anyone would alight at that section, it being a highway and there isn’t a designated drop off point around there, but I walked around him and kept on going.

I hadn’t really being paying attention until then, and further on I noticed two black cars ahead of the car that the ‘bodyguard’ came out of.

All of them were parked next to the curb, with the car that in the forefront parked at  an approximately 45 degree angle towards the curb.

I thought it was odd. Then I noticed that that first car, an off-road, had the hazard lights on.

Walking alongside the car, I noticed that all four windows had been rolled down and there was a motherly-looking lady, (in her late 30s or early 40s) motioning to me frantically.

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