Beautiful butterflies flit like confetti from the sky on the wild flowers. A Blue-banded swallowtail butterfly, vivid blue and laced in black wing, flies by. It’s another Taita endemic that’s endangered. Perhaps all these regeneration efforts will bring back the hills’ glory.





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It’s tarmac road from Nairobi to Voi and Wundanyi in Taita Hills, 360km southeast of Nairobi and 190 northeast of Mombasa. Taita Hills has three massifs – Dawida, Mbololo and Sagalla. Dawida has the forests of Vuria, Msindunyi, Ngangao and Yale.

Drive on the historical First World War (now tarmac) road via Maktau through Tsavo West National Park. Take the road via Loitokoikitok to Amboseli National Park and Emali or Namanga back to Nairobi. There are nice, inexpensive hotels in Wundanyi from where you can drive up to most forests and hike further in beautiful, natural mist mountains.

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