In Summary
  • Are you tired of the usual Valentine’s Day dinner and dancing, or a weekend in Mombasa, and want to do something different?
  • Try these unique, outdoor-type dates to set a romantic, adventurous tone to your special day.

What did you and your significant other do last Valentine’s or the two before that? You settled for the good old flowers, chocolate and dinner or maybe the two of you travelled down to the coast to spend time at the beach. How about doing something different this year as you reconnect and renew your love? These are our top seven suggestions.


With the two elections in quick succession late last year and a flurry of activities in January as we all tried to make up for lost time, you are probably longing for some peace and quiet. There are few places you will visit in Kenya that are more tranquil than Dodos Tower, a luxury retreat in Naivasha.

This eight story building built in the 1930’s stands on an isthmus in the middle of Lake Naivasha and Lake Oloidien. In addition to the views it offers, Dodos Tower is a wildlife retreat with a variety of wild life some of which you can watch from your room.  It is also a bird watchers’ haven with over 350 species of birds. They will be open this Valentine’s Season but you will need to call to make a reservation.


Now, the average person can’t resist the allure of the beach. During festivities though, Kenyans from all the other towns head down there and the prospect of a crowded beach can be a little off putting.

The Manda Island is an unspoiled paradise that will give you both the beach and some peace and quiet. It is linked to Lamu by ferry and is famed for its long, quiet beaches where you can kick off your shoes, bask in the sun and bond with your significant other.

Manda Island is also home to the ruins of the old town of Takwa. After an afternoon in the water, the two of you can take a speed boat to the ruins to enjoy the sunset as you try and visualise the town that it was.

You will not have to worry about accommodation as Manda Island holds several luxury resorts.


If you live in any of Kenya’s bustling towns, then Kiambethu Tea Farm is the perfect steal away with your loved one. Tucked in middle of a sea of tea plantations in Tigoni, Limuru, this farm redefines the word ‘serene’.

Standing at 7 200 feet, it is one of Kenya’s oldest tea farms. They will be open this Valentine’s Day. A visit here begins with a cup of tea grown on the farm with the host Fiona Mitchell. Thereafter, you and you and your significant other can take a walk in the indigenous forest. Then you can have lunch and drinks in the garden as you take in the sweeping views of the greenery and just exhale. Your lunch may be punctuated by visits from The Colubus monkeys which inhabit the surrounding indigenous forest.

It is just an hour away from Nairobi’s CBD and other than the changing atmosphere as you enter the highlands, the drive there will also give you a taste of Kenyan rural life.


If you love the ocean, if you have thought about gazing at the waves and the blue skies as you sipped at cocktails with the lapping ocean as the sound track, then the Tamarind Dhow is the experience you should be looking for this Valentine’s Day.

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