Remember how Nelson Mandela left prison without a trace of anger or bitterness? Instead he focused on forgiveness, reconciliation, and building democracy.

Forgiveness is all about empathising with whoever has hurt you.


Like Nelson Mandela’s great insight was that apartheid had grown out of fear. As soon as he realised what had motivating its development, he had the key to negotiating its end.

In fact, learning to forgive is one of the most important stages in your personal development.

Because once you’ve learnt to forgive, your past no longer holds you back. While without forgiveness, you can be so wrapped up in what went wrong that you can’t enjoy the present or plan for the future.

Endlessly angry, always feeling misunderstood, and thinking the worst of everyone.

Not that forgiving’s easy. It’s not the same as forgetting, and you might have to forgive someone who won’t accept that they did wrong. But you can at least try to understand why they did it.

So figure out why things went wrong without obsessing over whose fault it was. That’s hard — and takes time.

But you’ll know you’ve truly forgiven when instead of thoughts of revenge, you’re planning a better future.

So be brave, determined, and learn to cope with adversity. Speak your mind, face up to conflicts, and always forgive, as quickly as possible.

And be honest about your objectives. Successful people are driven by big dreams and clear values. Not by pursuing individual wealth and status.

So commit yourself to living a simple life, devoted to helping others, and one day you will be truly admired.

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