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  • I specialise in deras and trench coats for both children and adults and do most of my sales through my Facebook page Activewear Collections and Instagram page Pearl Mumbi.
  • I'm happy as I can afford to pay the bills and my children's school fees, and have even moved out of mum's place to our own.

Hers was the perfect marriage … a dream come true until one day her husband lost a sizeable amount of money in a business venture that failed. Pearl Mumbi, 29, shares her ‘happily ever after’ gone wrong.

"My name is Pearl Mumbi, a mother of two. My boy is eight years old and the girl is six. When I met my Prince Charming, I was about 20 and I could sense he was a good man.

And true to my intuition, he turned out to be the ideal husband. Ours was an enviable marriage.

What with this man who treated me like a queen and always took good care of me?

He was the kind of man who would cook for me and always took me out on dates. Everything felt so perfect and I enjoyed every step of the journey.

When we welcomed our firstborn, it was pure bliss. At this time, I was working as a cashier in one of the local supermarkets in Nairobi.


In 2014, after we got our second baby, my husband asked me to quit work as I was really having a rough time with house helps.

'Sweetheart, stay at home and raise our babies, I'll take care of us,' he promised. I was comfortable being a stay-at-home mum as I knew he would provide for us.

My husband did not disappoint and he even moved us to a bigger house. All our bills were paid on time and he carried out his parental responsibilities without fail.

He set apart Sundays as our family time and he enjoyed taking us out with the kids.

During week days he ensured that I wasn't bored and always brought me movies and magazines to keep myself busy. Also, to ensure I was comfortable, he paid a laundry lady who used to come and wash our clothes.


One day in December 2016, my hubby informed me that he wanted to start a wines and spirits shop with a female business partner.

That was not what I was expecting to hear and I thus told him I wasn't comfortable with the choice of partner.

Besides, I told him that since the children were not too delicate anymore, we could hire a house help as I joined him in business.

Well, he was adamant and went ahead to open the shop with his lady friend.

He had invested a huge amount of money in the venture and was hoping it would pay back soon. Unfortunately, that was not to be. And in a month's time the business collapsed … and that was when the nightmare began.


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