In Summary
  • Alex, using his motorcycle, dropped Fiolina twice at home — I don't know from where. And Fiolina even came to visit Alex in school once.
  • I just hope nothing happens to the laugh of my life. And that she gets a job. Or else Alex should start looking for another school.

Everyone who knows me and my enviable family well must have heard of Alex.

Alex was Fiolina’s collegemate in Mosoriot TTC. But I believed he had an interest in Fiolina that went beyond academics.

Whenever I visited the laugh of my life, Alex would be hovering around us like a hen protecting her chick.

I was very happy when Fiolina graduated from Mosoriot. I was now sure that she would remain mine forever because in Mwisho wa Lami, there is no other man who is more handsome, more travelled, more adored and admired, more educated, and more dashing than yours truly. There was no one else to tempt Fiolina. Until April this year.

After Erick’s departure, his replacement came in the name of Alex, the same man who caused enough trouble for Mwisho wa Lami’s most known couple.

Within just three weeks, Alex, using his motorcycle, dropped Fiolina twice at home — I don't know from where. And Fiolina even came to visit Alex in school once; something she has never done for me.


I was not going to allow such to happen under my nose, so I decided to take action.

I planned to frustrate Alex so much that he would regret having come to Mwisho wa Lami, and immediately start looking for transfer.

But as the term went by, I realised that my true enemy in the school was Kuya, who was being favoured by Bensouda.

In my many disputes with Kuya, Alex regularly voted on my side. Slowly but surely, Alex and I started warming up to each other.

By the end of last term, he was firmly on my side in all staffroom squabbles, having become so dependable in fending off Kuya in many staffroom differences.

But some colleagues whispered to me that I should be careful with him as he was aiming the deputy’s job that I held. However, I did not lose focus — anyone who would help cut Kuya to size was welcome.


Two weeks ago, I arrived home to find Fiolina very excited. She had a piece from a newspaper headlined "TSC to hire 5,000 more teachers".

“Roundi this tusipitwe,” she said. “Lets do everything to get the job this year.”

“It’s difficult, but I pray to God that you get it,” I said even though I had my reservations. “Why do you say it’s difficult?” She asked.

“They hire based on year of graduation and we have people who graduated in 2011 or even in 2009 but they are still unemployed. Sembuse wewe wa 2016.”

“I know, but we can get someone to help us,” she said. “If we continue following the process, I will retire before I get the job. This is Kenya Dre. Hapa Kenya mtu ni kujipanga”.

“I know, just that we have tried before and failed,” I said resignedly. “We even lost money. This year they want only 22 teachers in our county. It’s almost impossible dear.”


“This time round we won’t lose money, and I will get the job.” She went on: “Imagine both of us employed. I will help you pay loans, and we will fully complete the house among many other things.”

“And I won’t have to give you small money like for salon and clothes!” “That’s true,!” She said as she nodded. “Please assure me you will support me.”

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