In Summary
  • How about we leave women to decide on when to get pregnant or get married without putting undue pressure and expectation?
  • There should be a convention on ensuring that women are aware of all choices available to them when they make life decisions.

I came across what has to be the most outrageous convention dubbed 'Make Women Great Again'.

The convention is set to take place in May in Orlando, Florida, USA. This $1,999 (Ksh201,998) - (there's a sale for $999) - per ticket event will be all male-led and promises to show women how to be ideal and ultimate wives.

The all-male guest speakers at the event will be teaching women how to get fit; how to have unlimited babies - and drumrolls please... how to reject unhealthy, militant feminism. In their words, it's set to be the mansplaining event of the century.

Everything about this event is wrong. My first thought as I scrolled through their website was 'I wonder why these men are bothered with how women present femininity when the man the world over is already struggling with so much. Why don't they start there?'

I will not even dwell on the mansplaining because for the average Kenyan woman, it is her everyday life.

There is always a man around the corner ready to explain life, including womanhood to her in a condescending way.


I joined a gym last week (New Year resolutions and all) and there is a man every day, who is not a fitness trainer, lecturing me on what the correct form should be.

What bothers me about the male-led women convention even more than the fact that a group of men who have no experience of womanhood whatsoever, expect women to pay big bucks so they can learn how to be ahem, women.

It's the assumption that women want to be feminine, or they want their bodies to be leered at, or that they want to have a house full of babies.

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