In Summary
  • Gladys and Daniel met at Egerton University where they are studying the same course.
  • Daniel had been making artwork from high school to pay his fees.
  • Gladys developed an interest and spent time with him, learning the skill.
  • They now sell their art together and use the money for their school fees and upkeep.

Having a passion for art and making a living from the venture is not new. But for two students at Egerton University, Nakuru, their art is their lifesaver.

Daniel Oguti, 22, and Gladys Anyika, 20, both studying criminology, make mosaic art and sell them to pay their fees and meet other daily expenses.

Their shared financial struggles and passion for art have made them become inseparable friends and business partners.


Daniel was born and raised in Busia County. From a young age, he loved drawing and in Form Two he decided to explore mosaic art using canvas, glue and the ‘olenge grass’ found in Busia.

He sold the pieces and used the money to pay his school fees. He scored a B+ in his KCSE exam and secured admission at Egerton University.

The Third Year student, pursuing a degree in criminology and security studies, says the financial challenges he faced while growing up taught him to be independent and work hard for a better future.

Mosaic art made from olenge grass.

Mosaic art made from olenge grass. PHOTO | AYUB MUIYURO

Daniel is the first child in a family of four siblings and was brought up by his grandfather. His artwork brought hope as he was able to support his family and pay school fees through his earnings.

He has sold portraits and other artwork to many leaders in Kenya.

Daniel’s art pieces sell at a minimum of Sh1,500, depending on the size, and he markets them door-to-door.

Gladys, who grew up in Mathare in Nairobi, got a B plain in her KCSE exam. Her passion for law and justice led her to pursuing criminology and security studies at Egerton University.

Gladys met Daniel in campus. She spent a lot of time with him learning the skill, and her love for art grew.

Together with Daniel, she makes mosaic art pieces for sale to enable her pay her school fees and have money for her upkeep.

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