In Summary
  • If you want a tight dress, you want a tight dress. Ha. End of story.
  • And, if the tables were turned, she would hate it if you were to do something like this for her wedding.
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Hi Brenda,

Thank you for your good work.

My problem is sort of based on the relationship with my sister.

She has taken over my wedding. She chose the colours ( I did not want those colours), chose the vendors and now she even says she disagrees with the choice of a wedding gown because it is too tight. She is my older sister and I don’t want to upset her because I know she is taking this wedding as her own because she is unmarried. How do I broach this subject as sensitively as possible?



This is a tricky one. You must now grow a backbone. You see, the thing is, as much as you feel for your sister, it is YOUR wedding.

Yes, your family ahs a role to play, and yes, it is great that she wants to help you...but it is YOUR wedding.

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