The holidays are upon us yet again. Well, to be fair, we are already halfway through. It may seem hard to find activities to keep your child well occupied, but here are some activities that may help build their interaction abilities and talent.

These activities are especially useful because they guarantee that both you and your child will be entertained. They also ensure that you do not splurge on expensive outings.

a) Cook. You can either choose to look up tutorials from YouTube for new recipes, or decide to pass on a cooking lesson to your young one.

The Couture Cooking Club also has cooking classes that will be running till August 23 at Osnet Gardens, Muthangari Drive in Lavington from 9 to 5 pm. Charges are Sh1000 per child.

b) Art Class. Hope Church Lavington will be having classes dubbed Archie’s Oasis Art Class from August 11 to 31 . Charges are Sh1000 per class and Sh3500 for four classes.

c) Watch something. This does not necessarily mean having to go to the cinemas. Pick a time, make popcorn, sit with your child and enjoy a movie of your choice.

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