In Summary
  • Beyond the two-year mark, one must apply for a name change through the deed poll process.
  • A deed poll is a standard application provided for in the Registration of Documents (Change of Name) Regulations.
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Dear Eric,

Kindly advise on the procedure of changing a child's name in their birth certificate. The child was named after the mother’s parents and now that we are together, we would like to change the names accordingly.


Your question gives us an opportunity to discuss change of name for children holistically. Thank you.

When seeking to change a minor’s name, it is important to consider the time of registration of the child’s birth and the child’s age, mainly because there are slight variances in the application process based on these two factors.

First, under the Births and Deaths Registration Act, it is possible to change a child’s name within two years from the date of registration.

A parent or legal guardian only needs to pay the required fee to the Registrar of Births and provide any evidence that he/she may be asked to present for the child’s new name to be registered.

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