In Summary
  • You can't reverse time and not do it, and there is no guarantee that you wouldn't do it again if given the chance to time travel.
  • She can take your apology or leave it, but she must also decide if she is willing to work through whatever issues you have or sulk for all eternity. Good luck.
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Hey Brenda,
My girlfriend is in Machakos and I’m in Kitui.

Last week, I wronged her and asked for forgiveness. She forgave me but she is behaving as if she’s not interested in me anymore.

Whenever I call her, she picks the call but always seems like she is in low moods. She asks me questions like “Do you love me?", “Are you serious?” and does it so repeatedly that I get frustrated.

I’m wondering if she has another boyfriend because if anyone else (Like say, my friend) calls her, she behaves differently. What could be wrong?

Please help me.

You and your girlfriend need to work on levels of emotional maturity together. I feel like you're hiding what you did but that's ok, you don't have to tell me everything.

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