In Summary
  • You guys aren't married. Keep that in mind.
  • Help him figure out a way to pay his debts – maybe he hasn't realised he has a problem, or thinks that there's no way out.
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Brenda, my boyfriend’s debt issues are worrying me. I did not know it was a problem until one of the people he owes money called me to ask my boyfriend to pay him.

We have been dating for two years but I have never seen the signs. I asked his sister when that call came and she told me that he owes a lot of family members cash as well.

On the surface everything is okay but I am scared that this could be a ticking time bomb. Or am just being paranoid?

Two years? You're in deep, sis. And no, you're not being paranoid. I wish people would tell people these things earlier before they got into the relationships and entangled already, but that's a story for another day.

If we're trying to figure out what to do, you need to have a candid conversation with him about his debt. Just to be clear, it is his debt, not yours.

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