I am in campus and I have been seeing this lady for the last six months. My problem is that she is addicted to tagging me on everything on Facebook, IG and Twitter and gets upset if I don’t acknowledge or comment. I know girls dig this kind of thing but now my boys have started calling me hen-pecked because of her behaviour. How do I deal with this without making her leave me?

What you need to do, both of you, is decide whether you want a real relationship or a virtual one. Do you want to be a sufficient boyfriend who treats his woman right or a social media one who looks good on the screen? If you are a sufficient boyfriend, then your girlfriend doesn’t have a reason to get upset if you are not all over her wall.

Have a conversation with her about it. And stop worrying about what your friends think about your relationship with your girlfriend. Get confident in your masculinity and you will never have to wonder about whether people think you are henpecked or not.