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  • Hopefully he'll grow out of it and if he doesn't, she'll start to feel resentment.
  • Finally, bring it up with him.
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Hello Brenda,

Before my husband and I got married, I had a child whose father had refused responsibility. My child was two years.

My husband promised to take care of me and my child. And he did very well. We had other children together.

Our first child (not my husband’s) is in high school. She is a bright student and gets awards for some extracurricular activities.

But our son is not as bright. And now my husband always finds fault in our daughter, which I realised was because the girl does well in school.

I love my husband and all our children and I want what’s best for everyone. I am thinking of her staying with my mother because I don’t want her hurt or feeling rejected, but uprooting her from home right now will also affect her.

She’s a teenager just learning about life. What do I do?

Frustrated and worried mother



This is quite complex. I appreciate that your husband decided that he wanted and loved you both at the beginning, and now this is changing drastically.

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