In Summary
  • This is something you have to come clean with, regardless of the consequences.
  • I guarantee that she will be more upset that you hid it from her if you don't tell her.
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Dear Brenda,

I had an affair with one of my colleagues and she gave birth to a baby girl. My wife found out soon after the child was born and confronted me.

I admitted the affair and after a lengthy conversation, I assured my wife that the relationship with my girlfriend was over. She forgave me and threatened to leave if I cheated on her again.

However, I continued to see my girlfriend behind my wife’s back. Now, my girlfriend recently gave birth to a baby boy. Should I confess my continued affair to my wife?

I have been supporting this other woman for eight years now, she knows I am married and has no problem with that. But my wife, I am afraid of hurting her or worse, losing her and the three children we have together. Please advise.

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