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  • I thought that we were the only couple that carry on arguments through texting, until I met one that yells at each through texts.
  • They say that texting has proved a better way for them to fight as it allows them to fully express themselves.
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Some of the happiest couples I know use texting to keep their love strong but when things go south, they often resort to fighting through the same means.

Take this young love smitten girl I was at a shoot with, for example. She was so engrossed in texting her beloved that she was completely oblivious to the rest of us. She typed, smiled, typed and smiled some more. I looked at her and smiled, remembering the lovey-dovey texts I used to send to my husband too. 


“She is in love,” her friend said, rolling her eyes. I nodded in understanding.

“Is he that funny?” someone else asked her. But she did not respond. She was in her own world with her phone and her love interest. I had to pat the besotted girl on her shoulder to alert her that the shoot had resumed and that her tea had gone cold.

When I later got a text message from Hubby that day, it read: Remember the books. Long story about the books, but the text jolted my mind and I made a note on my phone calendar.

I scrolled up, reading the previous messages, going as far back as four years ago. (Yes, my phone is really, really old).


We could write a thriller just from our texts. The three-word messages are formal: Come with diapers, the six-word ones from me seem to beg for a compliment: for once got the calculations right and from him the tone is defensive, to ward off a fight: I finally had that wiring fixed.

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