In Summary
  • The likelihood that they will just go back to what they know as life is very high.
  • Think of all the emotional labour you will be doing to reintegrate her into society, as well as her own possible self esteem issues that will definitely affect yours as well.
  • If you do love her, and are willing to do all this work at a risk to yourself, well then all I can say is take some time to get to know her as a friend before you jump into a relationship.
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Hello Brenda,

I have contemplated writing this to you for so long. I’m 24 years old and a student of medicine. The problem is, I once had a childhood girlfriend who travelled to Mombasa and we lost touch.

Recently, I bumped into her sister who reconnected me to her.

I later learnt that my once innocent girlfriend is now a prostitute in Mombasa. From her Facebook and WhatsApp profiles, she can be seen in company of white men, hanging out in discos, clubs and strip dancing on the stage, smoking shisha and engaging in alcoholic binges.

The crazy thing is that despite all this, I still wanted her as my girlfriend and when I broached the subject, she asked me if I was really sure it was what I wanted.

I said yes.

I’m willing to take her back on one condition: rehabilitation for her. It’s something my parents are totally against and her parents too warned me to stay away from her as she's "good for nothing".

I’m confused but swore to myself that  if I won't marry her, I'll be a bachelor for life as I can't imagine waking up in the morning to the sight of any other girl.


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