In Summary
  • I don’t get it, and clearly Magufuli doesn’t get it either, though in a massively different way.
  • In fact, not only does he not get that there is no need for a state-wide declaration against high school girls who choose what to do with their bodies and progeny (if indeed choice is involved) but he also seems a bit confused about how a woman’s reproductive system works.

For the most part, when Magufuli became president, I supported this idea, much like when Matiang’i was put in charge of education. An iron fist made sense to me, unlike the series of the same name. I thought he was going to bring some much-needed sanity to this glorious African nation. Tanzania in itself is not exactly the most female-friendly place around. Remember the lady they stripped who was wearing a decent-length skirt, who had to be rescued by the police? Not to mention if you’ve been to Tanzania, and talked to the women there, you would know that generally, it isn’t the safest place to be a woman, or a woman walking alone, or a woman walking at night. Unfortunately, this is a familiar story, even here.

But we ignored it because the good outweighed the bad. Look! His wife was admitted in a national public hospital! Can you imagine any minister – or even MCA, much less a president – taking his wife to Kenyatta Hospital? During an emergency? This is regardless of the fact that Kenyatta has all the best doctors around, in terms of experience. It just has a bad reputation as a public hospital. Granted, the toilets aren’t the greatest, but truly, in spite of the ageing machines and the sometimes hasty unfeeling nurses, it’s still one of the best ones around.

But I digress.


I supported Magufuli until this latest incident, where he casually said some loosely sexist statements about high school mothers. He said that all high school girls who get pregnant should not be allowed to go to school – because their lives are basically over. And that if they are allowed to stay in school, they will ‘infect’ other students with their baby-making abilities, and soon we will have Standard One girls having children.

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