Your skin is a precious organ, it is a waterproof coating that serves important functions. It is designed to withstand a lot of stress and exposure. There are some things that are done by many people in a bid to make it look better but some are harmful. Please avoid these on your skin.


The internet offers plenty of information about some things you can do at home to cure your skin of pimples and acne. Some of the products sold online are actually professional strength products that should be used by trained practitioners only. African complexions may run the risk of developing uneven pigmentation and scarring after using these products.


Steroid creams and ointments play a good role in dermatology. They are useful for mild rashes, nickel allergies and itching. If you have these problems, you can buy an over-the-counter low dose steroid to use for a couple of days until the symptoms vanish. Continued use will make you skin appear glowing and beautiful in the initial days, but your skin soon becomes addicted if you use it daily for two weeks. Such creams can cause acne and thin your skin considerably.

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