In Summary
  • I don’t have prayer partner but intercessors.
  • They pray for you even when you not there but for prayer partner, they only pray with you when you there and when you disappear them too varnish.
  • Let’s learn to be honest if it’s your girlfriend or wife she remains that, and if it’s a prayer partner it should be that.

Gospel artist Hope Kid the General, 24, was recently bashed by fans for attending  Busy Signal’s concert at the KICC but he took it all in stride. spoke to him about this controversial move and his musical journey.

Do Kenyans really enjoy gospel dancehall music?

No! Not really but I can tell you for sure we getting there. We almost there and that’s why we here to keep pushing until it’s fully embraced.  

What’s the longest period have you ever fasted without eating?
Hehehe! I did 21 days but of course with a one meal in the evening. You can’t go that long without completely not eating.

You latest song featuring DJ Alemba “Hide and Seek”… is that even gospel?
Hahaha! That was just a treat for our fans.


Have you ever entered the church and found your song being played because the assumption out there is that they are played more in clubs an entertainment joint rather than the holy places?
Eeeeh! Mara mob (so many times).  I have heard “Holyday” and “Delilah” being played in church and I’ve seen the the congregations going wild. You have to understand that at the end of it all, there is a generation am trying to reach to a certain age group. It’s not like I will enter the church and find the bishops on their feet while my songs are on play, but their kids and the young chaps they minister to.

So you basically saying your music is not for all?
All am saying is that my target is to all the lovers of dancehall and reggae music. There are people who are over 50 years old but love this kind of music, they will listen to me. But again you should remember that even Jesus the Savior himself didn’t reach to all the masses during his ministry. There are those who denied his gospel and I know without a doubt in my mind that the same case is with me. And so am okay with what I was called to do.

Talking about calling, recently on TV you blasted a class of gospel musicians who are in it for the showbiz, what informs you on that matter?
The topic on the TV show that day was about character. Character defines a lot on what one does. There artistes who say they are doing gospel but their character is not. For instance, they will always release music when there is some sort of scandal or controversies about them. To me it’s clear that such bunch are in for showbiz while some of us are in for music as a calling.


Holding on to that, do you really think the modern generation is doing gospel to the threshold required?
I will tell you this, not every song is for everyone. For instance the kind of music Bahati does, is not the same as the one Mercy Masika does. Why? Each one of them got his or her calling in the gospel industry. That’s why Bahati will never sing like Mercy Masika, or her to sing like Willy Paul or Christina Shusho. We cannot all be the head, someone has to be the hand, and another the leg.

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