Alikiba has signed the gorgeous Tanzanian model Jokate Kidoti Mwengelo, who also happens to be Diaomnd’s ex, according to reports.

He signed the model to his management and recording label Rockstar 4000.
The revelation about the new professional relationship between the two friends  was made by a once upon a time popular bongo star Abby Skills, who is currently trying to resurrect his career under Alikibas’ label that also boast of heavyweight Ommy Dimpoz who was signed two months ago.

“Mimi pia nipo chini ya lebo yake, Alikiba ni bosi wangu, kuna Abdu Kiba, kuna Salim, kuna Heri, kuna Jokate. Lakini sipaswi kuyaweka haya wazi kwa kuwa ni  siri” Abby Skills has disclosed.
(I too am under his recording label, Alikiba is my boss. Under him we also got Abdu Kiba, Salim, Heri as well as Jokate all signed to the label (RockStar 4000). However I wasn’t supposed to leak this information, It was supposed to be a secret)

Alikiba and Jokate have been operating in secrecy and  this would probably explain why they didn’t  make such a news public so as to avoid the public scrutiny.