In Summary
  • The children have learnt to take care of themselves and the eldest Lizzi is the protector.
  • She is very guarded and doesn’t trust anyone easily.
  • The middle child Juan is a klutz and the last born Lita will melt your heart with her sassy ways.

Instant Family(2018) is a heart-warming movie based on a true story that is guaranteed to hit you right in your feels.

Starring Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne and the wonderful Octavia Spencer amongst others, the movie tells the true story of a couple Pete and Ellie Wagner who adopt three siblings, hence the title of the movie.

The comedy drama is rated PG-13 for thematic elements, sexual material, language and some drug references.

In the movie, the couple do not seriously discuss about having children amongst themselves.

The wife, Ellie played by Rose Byrne, wants children but the husband Pete played by Mark Wahlberg isn’t too sure about it.

However, once he takes a look at the adorable photos of children on the adoption website, he is quickly sold on the idea.


The movie gives a glimpse of the serious side of adoption.

The training that couples or people intending to adopt go through, the vetting that decides whether or not they should be allowed to adopt.

Just because the children are needy and in need of a good home, it doesn’t mean they will be handed over to just about anyone.

There are systems and procedures in place to ensure that the children end up with the right family.

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