In Summary
  • Msupa S might have been blessed with the Minaj set of circumstances.
  • She has conveniently blown up when there is no one to give her sleepless nights.
  • That doesn’t mean she is a terrible rapper who had greatness thrust upon her instead of achieving it.

I laughed so hard when Msupa S said she was Kenya's queen of rap, and then I realised she was right.

In fact, she brought some humour to my life on a day which my face had been colonised by frowns.

It was a day when I had spotted a friend who owed me money sipping Johnnie Walker with so much glee like an 18th century sailor who had just discovered a hidden treasure chest.

Imagine the kind of anger that would consume you if you saw your debtor sipping Johnnie Walker.

Especially if they lied they didn’t have a penny and begged for an extended grace period.


If it was a bottle of normal beer, you could excuse them but Johnnie Walker? No way. If the person was in a group, you could also console yourself by assuming the whole crew contributed to buy the bottle. The guy was alone.    

I appreciate the fact that Msupa S aka Sandra Chebet made me laugh and forget about all that. Many of us had our chins on the floor when she made those outrageous claims during a TV interview.

Even the interviewer laughed. To be honest, I was holding out an admittedly unreasonable amount of hope that what she was doing was an elaborate work of comedy.


We all had a valid reason to be amused. She sounded weird.

There is a certain sound everyone expects from a rapper, a sound full of smooth punch lines and hardcore verses. Msupa S sounded nothing like that. A couple of Kenyans even joked that she rapped like Eko Dydda’s sons.

If you haven’t heard Eko Dydda’s sons rapping, you should. Or maybe you shouldn’t.

If you choose to do so, you might get annoyed, which is not the best emotion to channel to kids who are clearly trying their best. You won’t help but wonder whether they are the kind of children

whose parents force them into the same career path that they are in.

However, as people continued to make fun of Msupa S, she cared less. She was fiery in her interviews, grabbing everyone’s attention in the process. She continued calling out other female rappers, claiming they had nothing on her. The confidence was staggering. Eventually, her instant clout caught the attention of Khaligraph who featured her in the song "Watajua Hawajui".


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