I'll have to keep that in mind for the next Blankets & Wine I attend, because it is entirely possible to spend half of a person's set standing in line waiting for one drink. It totally defeats the purpose of a festival. But that is not something that B&W could have anticipated or assisted in, I guess, considering the large numbers of people that were present.

Maybe when they know that they have a fire line-up, they should just get more bars. Or mobile bars, like the way Carnivore, every time it has an event, has people walking around with beers and dawas and such. That might work.

Blankets & Wine.

Creative name posts at the Blankets & Wine festival. PHOTO | ABIGAIL ARUNGA


For the food area, specifically, I liked that they had seating, minimal though it was, and I liked that it was completely removed from where the festivities were happening. And it was organised in and of itself – many vendors, with clean trucks and food stations, and many choices, as advertised on the flier for B&W.

There were more popular stations than others, and thus while some trucks and tents had long lines, some had no lines at all (you would think, then, that the people like me who were hungry would have just gone to other lines, right? Wrong).

When I was hungry, I went to the Pork Pit tent on someone else's recommendation, and because we stood there for so long, I nearly missed the beginning of Sauti Sol's set. They had a lot of people waiting for pork (I guess a lot of people recommended them) but they had no idea about how to handle that volume of people.

They ran out of coleslaw, then they ran out of fries, then they had to keep making the pork, which was taking quite some time – and we ended up standing around for 40 minutes. Disastrous. Even more disastrous was that when I finally got the pork, it was a bit undercooked (I ate it anyway. I had stood for too long).

It would behove the companies who offer a food stand to be prepared for the type of crowds that regularly attend these events, and come hungry. There needs to be more bars, and more capacity (instead of one cook and one flipping pork guy and one grill), so that the food experience matches the music one.


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