In Summary
  • CJ’s ambience was a stark contrast to its rather quiet uptown surrounding.
  • The Caribbean jack chicken portion was really huge — two drumsticks and chicken breast.
  • It was a tad disappointing that the Oreo milkshake took forever to come, arriving when we were almost done eating.
  • Everyone seems to go there for lunch after church.

When a new restaurant is all the rave in town, I usually avoid it until the hype dies down.

Last weekend I was going out with two friends and someone suggested CJ’s on Koinange Street, the new joint in town thronged by the “It crowd”.

We decided to check it out.

The restaurant looked magnificent from outside. There were beautiful chairs — looked like they were made of reeds — outside the hotel where customers sat, perhaps basking in the cold and enjoying the icy wind (or so I thought).


Eager to step out of the cold streets, I pushed open the door. CJ’s ambience was a stark contrast to its rather quiet uptown surrounding. It bustled with life as waiters ran up and down the aisles balancing food-laden trays and others carrying empty plates.

I joined one of my friends who had secured us seats in a corner all the while taking in the restaurant’s perfect décor. There were green vases and green plants on the isle. The plants look so real I only realised they were artificial when I touched them.

The menu had such appetising photos and we took a while before placing our order.

I settled on the Caribbean jerk chicken with mashed potatoes and salad. I preferred steamed vegetables to go with the potatoes. Although the waiter promised to be right back, the substitute veggies never made it to my plate.

One friend opted for fried plantains and chicken tender platter - buttered and coated chicken strips. The other one ordered for fries and the chicken tender platter.

For drinks, we ordered Dawa – a refreshing drink made with ginger, lemons and honey, a strawberry colada and an Oreo milkshake.

The strawberry colada

The strawberry colada. PHOTO| VALERIE KOGA

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