In Summary
  • News Café started out so well, but it would seem that after franchising and a distinct lack of strategy and quality control, they’ve lost their touch.
  • The branch at Ad Life looks run down, and the last time I was at the branch at Sarit Centre, it didn’t look that much better.

I like to go back to places I have been to before, obviously, just to refresh my memory and make sure I’m not crazy for liking them, or make sure I’m not crazy for never ever wanting to go back again.

Every time I go to News Café, I feel like something is off. Sometimes it’s the service, which I feel is not up to par. Sometimes, the food is not what I was originally promised. And I don’t know why they can’t just replace their terrible looking paper menus with something that doesn’t get dirty or tear every time someone breathes on it.

My cousin’s birthday was a few weeks ago, so we decided to have a couple of cocktails at the New Café at Ad Life Plaza.

Remember when News Café was the place to be on an anything night? When two long islands were all you needed for the evening, and you knew that they were actually trying to make your happy hour a happy one? That place is no more.

The steak was not medium done.

The steak was not medium done. PHOTO| ABIGAIL ARUNGA

Now you walk into News Café and feel like people have forgotten it exists, or just needed somewhere to sit as they wait for their people to finish shopping at Chandarana. It doesn’t feel like they’re trying anymore, and not just when it is Burger Festival.

My cousin ordered her drink based very specifically on the picture that was next to it on the menu. When it came, it was a whole different shade than the one in the picture, and the accompanying accessories were nowhere to be seen.

Fortunately, the taste and the alcohol content packed a punch so it wasn’t all bad. Maybe this is a sign to restaurants to either take pics of what your food actually looks like? Because whoever was Photo-shopping that drink had set us up for something that looked a little more palatable.


Speaking of the palate, we tried to order about three times before we found something that was actually in stock. By the time we got there, there were no wings, and there were no ribs.

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