Warthogs have also found a home at the institution. While they would never attack someone unprovoked, one has to show them a certain amount of respect because of their power and sharp tusks.

Students relaxing in the gazebos at Multi Media University Kenya. PHOTO| BENJAMIN OPIYO

Though they have been branded ugly, they provide a beautiful sight at the institution.

The institution has constructed gazebos where students read and spend their free time whilst enjoying the serene environment provided by the trees, vegetation and animals.

The swimming pool at Multi Media University is open to members of the public. PHOTO| BENJAMIN OPIYO

To compete the experience, the institution owns a club house and swimming pool adjacent to the nature park.

The facility is open to students and members of the public. It cost Sh100 a day to swim at the expansive pool for non-students.

The club house has other services such as bar, hotel, sauna and spa.

Non-students and non-staff must avail an identification card at the entrance and go through a security check.

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