“We had four months to prepare and I decided to get a wedding planner .We just could not do it ourselves in such a short time. I got one after a vigorous online search. I was looking at certain things: who responded first, positively and favourably. At the end of the day, I was looking for a people person.

“I found someone I could count on but realised my parents also wanted a say. They would talk directly to the planner and change items we had agreed on, which was challenging but we just decided to let go of our expectations and work as a team.

“When it comes to the whole budget, I really cannot say. Our role besides giving direction on what we wanted, was to show up. We ended up investing money we had saved up for the wedding and now we get returns twice a year. A pre-wedding party also boost what we had.


’Destination weddings’ can be exciting but it takes a lot of work and money to to pull it off. Faith Mwendwa, who lives in Nairobi, had her wedding six months after her engagement.

Since her fiancé lived in Mombasa they decided to have their ceremony in Kilifi which meant a lot of shuttling back and forth between the two towns.

“Our initial budget was Sh54,000. We ended up spending Sh400,000. Raising the cash was quite a task. For me , the debate was whether I should be part of raising the money or leave it all to my spouse but we ended up pulling our resources together to make it happen.

“My main challenge was incorporating our families’ requests for the big day. In as much as we wanted to do things our own way, we decided to consider their interests too by prioritising the most important things. Friends turned out to be a great asset during the planning process. They really came through for me.”

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