In Summary
  • The first specialised response units arrived at the besieged township in Lamu County seven hours late.
  • The 23-page document links the Mombasa Republican Council and several of its affiliates registered as community welfare organisations to Somali terrorist group Al-Shabaab.

A report has exposed a broken-down National Police Service and extensively blamed the top brass for inaction when terrorists attacked Mpeketoni, leading to the killing of 60 people.

The report released on Monday by the Independent Policing Oversight Authority says that senior commanders in Nairobi cautioned their juniors against moving in to confront the attackers and save the residents.

In so doing, the first specialised response units arrived at the besieged township in Lamu County seven hours late, after the slaughter and wanton destruction of property was over and all the assailants had escaped.

And the security operation that followed was chaotic, because different units of the police could not agree on a joint counter-offensive, giving the fleeing assailants room to carry out a second attack in Kijijioni.


The situation is made worse by information that the National Intelligence Service had, for the past year, been giving regular updates warning of an imminent attack, reports that were disregarded by police bosses.

“All the (police) officers interviewed denied the existence of specific intelligence on an impending attack on Mpeketoni. National Police Service headquarters denied the same.

“The Authority contacted NIS. Enquiries ascertained that there were intelligence reports dated as far back as July 2013, which specifically reported that affiliate members of a known outlawed group intended to carry out attacks on particular communities in Lamu.

“Later, intelligence identified individuals who were to perpetrate the attacks as well as locations and communities that were the targets,” says the report.


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