KHARTOUM, Thursday 

Sudan said today that allowing UN troops to take over from an African Union monitoring mission in Darfur would be a violation of the peace deal signed by the government and rebels in May.

President Omar el-Bashir's advisor Majzoub al-Khalifa also said those who use military force to oppose the AU-brokered peace deal were terrorists and should be sanctioned by the United Nations.

"According to the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA) there is no room for the UN forces to come," Mr Khalifa told Reuters.

"We are not going to accept any UN force."

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan recommended to the Security Council this week that a force of up to 24,000 UN troops be sent to Darfur to take over from an AU force of 7,000. Such a force would be the largest UN mission.

"The parties accepted ... only to stick to an AU force...and anything else (other) than that is a violation to the DPA," Mr Khalifa said in an interview.

Last month former US President Bill Clinton said Sudan should consider Muslim troops for Darfur, but Khalifa said any troops under the UN umbrella were unacceptable.

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