Rioting students of Maseno University engaged police in running battles Tuesday as they protested over rampant insecurity in the area.

The protest that started at 3am Tuesday was sparked by an incident where a student was allegedly raped by an unknown gang the previous night.

The riot lasted several hours, causing business in the busy Kisumu-Busia road and Maseno Township to come to a standstill.

The protestors barricaded the road, looted and destroyed property worth millions of shillings in an incident that left scores injured.

Those injured include a senior Inspector of police attached to the Maseno Police Station.


At some point, the local residents joined hands with the police who seemed overwhelmed in their attempt to stop the shops from being looted by the fierce pelting of stones.

In what appeared to be a long-standing grudge between the students and the residents, the police were forced to lob teargas canisters to disperse the rioting students.

Businessman Alfred Nyongesa, whose lorry was set ablaze by the irate students, stated that the varsity students carried his lorry from where it was parked to the university’s main gate before setting it ablaze.

“The lorry was parked in my yard; the boys carried it to the gate and set it on fire before the police arrived,” said Mr Nyongesa.

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