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  • House Majority Leader shown asking those behind terror attacks to do so elsewhere

National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale was on Thursday embroiled in a storm after video clips circulating on social media appeared to show him talking loosely about terror attacks.

The recordings show Mr Duale addressing a rally in Nairobi’s Eastleigh neighbourhood where police have launched a security swoop following a series of grenade blasts.

Thousands of people, mainly ethnic Somalis, have been rounded up in the mop-up that has crippled business in the shopping suburb.

The video shows Mr Duale asking those behind the terror attacks in Eastleigh to stop doing so as they were hurting the interests of local traders.

Speaking in vernacular, Mr Duale says: “We Somalis of Kenya... We invested our money in Eastleigh. This is where our economy is based.”

He adds: “Eastleigh is our umbilical cord. You must arrest anyone who is spoiling Eastleigh — even if he is Adan Barre’s brother. Those who are detonating explosives in Eastleigh should do it elsewhere. Had the one who is detonating explosives here done that in Machakos, do you think the people of Eastleigh would have been harassed?”

The Saturday rally, attended by more than 20 politicians, was called following the latest attack on two restaurants in which six people were killed and scores of others wounded. (READ: Traders count losses over Eastleigh crackdown)

On Thursday, one Eastleigh resident reacted with fury to his comments.

“Duale is sending a message to terrorists that it is OK to detonate bombs elsewhere as long as it is not Eastleigh,” the man, who did not want to be named for security reasons told the Nation.

Efforts to get a comment from Mr Duale over the controversial video were unsuccessful as he did not respond to our phone calls and text messages. (READ: Duale threatens to ditch Jubilee over crackdown)


However, his utterances are likely to give his critics fresh ammunition to demand his removal from the Jubilee government.

At the Eastleigh rally, Mr Duale threatened to withdraw support for the Jubilee government over what he termed arbitrary arrests of “my people.”

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