In Summary
  • Dr Akombe travelled to Dubai where she was supposed to oversee printing of ballot papers but she flew to the US where she announced her resignation.
  • She said she received threats, which were extended to her brother. The brother has also left the country.
  • In an interview with BBC, Dr Akombe said IEBC chair ie well meaning but he is not firm enough

Excerpts of Dr Akombe’s interview with the BBC:

Question: Where are you now?
I’m back in New York in the United States.

Where should you be?
I’m supposed to be in Dubai working with the commission finalising the preparations for the ballot papers for the elections that will be held on October 26.

Why are you in New York and not Dubai?
You know I have been agonising for months now about my role at the commission and my effectiveness at the commission and my safety, actually, and security, and I reached a decision after visiting four counties across the country and seeing my staff, and I realised that we are in a difficult situation as a country preparing for an election in which we have one candidate that has withdrawn and the commission not meeting all its obligations and yet not coming out to say that these are the challenges we are facing in terms of technology.

We have been having a situation in the commission whereby every decision is made on the basis of a vote and it was becoming increasingly difficult to be able to really stand up and say I am doing this because I believe in it, it was more I am doing this because it is a collective responsibility and I have to defend those positions even if I did not believe in them.

Why don’t you stay in Kenya and fight out for your position?

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